Transactional Analysis in Ireland

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Suggested New Links

The links on this page have been suggested by other people, including people who visited the 'Old Links Page' on the old website.
I plan to add other links as I come across them.

NEW LINKS from September 19 2017 onwards
"Psychology Education Resource Guide" (

Guide to Senior Safety at Home

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Greetings from Elizabeth (now aged 80)

I just realized that although the old web-site links to the blog, there doesn't seem to be a link to the old website on the blog, so here it is:
Enjoy reminiscing!

2 on the 1 day!

While tidying out, I came across a box of TAI papers, and I wondered would anyone be interested in taking them off my hands - FREE to whoever wants them of course.

They are generally unsorted, but consist of a number of labelled folders.

I made a very rough list as follows of what I could easily identify:

  • 10 yellow folders of SEAFA teaching materials (SEAFA is a parenting course by Jean Illsley Clarke called Self Esteem a Family Affair.)
  • Packet of 'Command cards'
  • Packet of  green cards
  • Notebook of 1996 course in Minneapolis
  • Check lists for SEAFA Course
  • Green Bag - SEAFA in Larne
  • Notes from TAI East Meeting 1999
  • Green folder - Strokes
  • Loose Handouts Various Topics incl Drama Triangel, and Hohari Window
  • Handouts - incl Ground Rules
  • 3 parts of Personality
  • Affirmations
  • TAI workshops
  • discounting,
  • Notes from Workshops and Conferences.
It seems a shame to send all this to be recycled.

Saturday, December 05, 2015


My goodness - I can't believe that it is over 3 years since I last made an entry to this blog. What does that say 'at the psychological level'?

Anyway, to all who have even the vaguest interest in the practice, promotion, or presence of Transactional Analysis, I send you my greeting on our 21st anniversary.]

Actually, it was yesterday 21 years ago, December 4 1994 that a meeting was convened in Carmichael House, Brunswick Street, Dublin at which those present agreed that they wanted to start 'something' which would kick-start a presence of TA in Ireland. Many if not most of those present were non-professionals, though some had qualifications in other disciplines of therapy and education.

So what is the position now, in 2015?
Well, I can only speak for myself. I still get phonecalls, and occasional emails, and I pass on what I know. I am a member of ITAA, and also of UKTA (formerly ITA), so I know some of what is happening.

My own position is the same as it was years ago - I am not prepared to be the sole or main initiator of TA events, but I am happy to support anyone who wants to organize an information meeting, or who wants me to make input into a general course they might be organizing.

I still use TA personally, virtually every day of my life, and I still find it as useful as ever.

Best wishes, and thanks for the 'stroke' to anyone who finds this and reads it
Elizabeth Cleary

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Wow! Imagine, 2 postings in one day. Don't expect this to continue!
Just found these 4 Eric Berne videos on YouTube - Its great (Well I think its great) to hear in his own voice all the wisdom I have gleaned from his books, other TA authors, and numerous TA presenters at workshops.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.