Transactional Analysis in Ireland

Saturday, March 03, 2012

EMAILS lost and found -2008-2012

Yes, I know, you might be thinking how could this happen - well it did! A day or two ago I found out the for some reason the link which would normally forward emails from the address hasn't worked since May 2008.
So I have a lot of apologizing to do, and a lot of unfinished business to catch up on.
I really am sorry that I didn't respond to your messages. I'm working through them, and in case you want to re-connect with me, please do so.

I am particularly interested in re-creating a list of people offering either TA therapy/counselling, or other modes therapy/counselling in a way that is sympathetic to TA. If you are such a person, will you let me know, and tell me whether you would prefer
  1. to be listed publicly on the blog
  2. to have your name forwarded to those who enquire
  3. to have enquiries forwarded to you
Look forward to hearing from some of you again
Elizabeth Cleary, Tallaght, Dublin24 Ireland


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