Transactional Analysis in Ireland

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

2 on the 1 day!

While tidying out, I came across a box of TAI papers, and I wondered would anyone be interested in taking them off my hands - FREE to whoever wants them of course.

They are generally unsorted, but consist of a number of labelled folders.

I made a very rough list as follows of what I could easily identify:

  • 10 yellow folders of SEAFA teaching materials (SEAFA is a parenting course by Jean Illsley Clarke called Self Esteem a Family Affair.)
  • Packet of 'Command cards'
  • Packet of  green cards
  • Notebook of 1996 course in Minneapolis
  • Check lists for SEAFA Course
  • Green Bag - SEAFA in Larne
  • Notes from TAI East Meeting 1999
  • Green folder - Strokes
  • Loose Handouts Various Topics incl Drama Triangel, and Hohari Window
  • Handouts - incl Ground Rules
  • 3 parts of Personality
  • Affirmations
  • TAI workshops
  • discounting,
  • Notes from Workshops and Conferences.
It seems a shame to send all this to be recycled.


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